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District 7890

October 2017

Message from the Governor

Dave Mangs  2017-18



Rotarians and our friends around the world are stepping forward to assist the victims of the hurricanes Irma and Maria which have devastated-the Caribbean, Florida, and Puerto Rico. These storms have followed close on the heels of Hurricane Harvey (Please see the September 2017 Rotary District 7890 Newsletter article: “Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief—Rotary Responds” found at:  www.rotarydistrict7890.org. The combination of strong winds, tidal surge, extreme rainfall and floods, have destroyed homes, and the infrastructure on which we all depend including: roads and bridges, the electrical grid and power lines, sanitation facilities, clean water distribution systems, hospitals, schools, and the availability of such basic necessities such as food, clothing and shelter.

Our Rotary Clubs and Districts in the areas impacted need our help. We should also let others in our communities know what Rotarians are doing so they have the opportunity to contribute directly to the communities most impacted by this disaster. We must remember that there are a number of advantages to giving directly to the 501(c)(3) tax exempt organizations established by the Rotary Districts that were in the path of these hurricanes:

First, Rotary is a volunteer organization consisting of community leaders who are very knowledgeable about the local conditions and they are in an excellent position to assess the priorities that most need to be addressed. Each District has numerous local clubs who are the “boots on the ground” that can organize the resources, volunteers, fundraising, and help with the distribution of needed materials and manpower where it can be most beneficial. As a volunteer organization, money contributed to the 501(c)(3) goes directly to the community without an administrative or fundraising “haircut”. Rotarians are not looking to take the place of FEMA, the Red Cross, the National Guard, or other worthy and hardworking organizations. On the other hand, Rotarians look for the areas of unmet needs that should be addressed.

Second, Rotary is not political and non-sectarian. As a result, Rotarians are in a position to bring together federal, state and local relief organizations, local first responders, and community resources around the human needs that they identify. They are in a position to speak to all parties, mediate differences, and to move everyone to simply get the job done.

Third, Rotarians share the values that come from their belief in their motto: “Service Above Self”. It is these values and their commitment to service that have brought them to Rotary.

Listed below are the Rotary Districts that deserve our support.

ROTARY DISTRICT 7020 (CARIBBEAN AND THE VIRGIN ISLANDS) has established a District Disaster Committee with Rotarians reporting from the Islands that were impacted by Hurricane IRMA (please see www.7020.org).

Online donations may be made at: http://7020.org/page/7020-hurricane-irma-recovery-fund


The conditions in Puerto Rico are horrendous. Postal mail service is spotty, the electrical grid is down, the internet is also down making it impossible to update the District 7000 website with hurricane updates. We want to be sure that our donations are going to get to the intended District 7000 account, Rotary Clubs in the disaster areas or other disaster relief organizations. Please remember that the need for disaster relief is also long term.


To address these concerns, Rotary International has established Donor Advised Funds under the Rotary Foundation that can accept donations for hurricane relief and the recent Mexico Earthquake. Please go to the following link: https://www.your-fundaccount.com/rotary/HowToContribute.asp

You can contribute online with your credit card or follow the instructions for contributions by check or wire transfer. You must provide the specific name of the Rotary Foundation Donor Advised Fund and the account number. When contributing via credit card, please check the address box to share your address with Rotary. (Please note that contributions to these DAF accounts will not qualify for Paul Harris or Major donor recognition, but they do qualify for a tax deduction).


Account name: Puerto Rico Recovery — Account number: 614


Account name: Mexico Earthquake Recovery Fund — Account number: 613


Account name: Gulf Coast Disaster Relief Fund — Account number 608


Account name: Hurricane Emergency Relief Fund — Account number 296

Questions on our Rotary Disaster Relief initiatives can be addressed to relief@rotary.org

We should all be very proud of the Rotarians and our Rotary Clubs that are stepping up and “Making A Difference”

– Dave A. Mangs, PhD

DG District 7890

World Polio Day

is Tuesday, October 24, 2017

It’s almost unimaginable that in the relatively short period between 1988 and 2017, the number of polio cases in the world has dropped by more than 99.9%. Almost 30 years ago Rotary and its partners launched the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. 350,000 cases of polio have been reduced to 10 in 2017. How could this be possible?

Since 1985, Rotary has contributed more than $1.7 billion to end polio. Each of us has been a part of this spectacular accomplishment. Over the next three years, Rotary has pledged to raise $50 million per year to support global polio eradication efforts. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has agreed to match these funds 2:1. We must all commit to reaching the goal of ending polio in the world. We are so close. As of this month only two countries—Afghanistan and Pakistan—have 10 active cases. Nigeria has been polio free for one year.

During the month of October, the Rotarians in District 7890 have been asked to focus on the goal of a polio free world. To this end, World Polio Day on October 24th presents an opportunity to sponsor programs to highlight our efforts and seek a continuing commitment from our members, friends and business associates.

Special events are being planned around the world. A key event will the live streaming of the fifth annual

World Polio Day event at 5:30 PM EST. The website: https://www.endpolio.org/world-polio-day

has a host of materials and planning guides that can be used to plan events and learn what other Rotarians will be doing.

Get ready for our 5th annual World Polio Day event, co-hosted with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Watch the stream live from Gates Foundation headquarters in Seattle, Washington to bring together more than 50,000 viewers around the world. Join us as global health experts and celebrities share our progress on the road to polio eradication.

October 24th – One Day, One Focus: End Polio


 Foundation Dinner Invitation

District 7890 Foundation Dinner

Thursday, Nov. 2

Chez Josef, Agawam, Massachusetts

Rotarians, Spouses and Friends are cordially invited to join us

from 5:00PM to 9:00 PM, Thursday November 2, 2017

for the Annual Rotary District 7890 Foundation Dinner to be held at the

Chez Josef 176 Shoemaker Lane Agawam, Massachusetts 01001.

The cost is only $50 per person.

This year we will be presenting the first annual District 7890 Humanitarian of the Year award in addition to the prestigious Paul Harris awards. We will all be inspired by these outstanding individuals who personify our Rotary values and a commitment to “Service Above Self”.  

Join us as we honor the generous donations that our clubs and Rotarians have made to “our” foundation. These donations to the Rotary foundation continue to “make a difference” throughout our District through our District designated funds, our scholarships, our peace fellows, our Global Grants, our vocational training grants, and more.

We will also have an outstanding keynote speaker in Shirley-Pat Chamberlain who will take a break from her doctoral studies in England to join us. This amazing Rotarian will be an inspiration to all.

Shirley-Pat Chamberlain

District 7910

Dubbed the ‘original champion sparkplug’ by His Honour, Steven L. Point, the 28th Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, Shirley-Pat Chamberlain (nèe Gale) is an energetic passionate literacy advocate with infectious good cheer who is committed to service above self and truly “Making a Difference”. Driven by an insatiable curiosity and passion for changing the world around her, Shirley-Pat has been committed to social action literacy initiatives and community development innovation in rural and remote British Columbia in both indigenous and non-indigenous communities.

Shirley-Pat’s first experience with Rotary was at the age of 15 through a 4Way Test essay competition. She reconnected with Rotary through her mom, who is also a Rotarian, in 2008 and her Rotary story is one of truth telling, discovery, mentorship and adventure. It has led to using the Rotary International Project model in her own backyard to work and partner with indigenous people and communities through the Write2Read project (www.writetoreadproject.org). This has led to two amazing honours: she been formally adopted by Tl’esqox, the Toosey Indian Band, and has received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Award in 2012 for outstanding volunteerism.

Shirley-Pat will share her Rotary story in the hope that it will encourage others to join, show up and do good with likeminded people - to become Rotarians and to support the Rotary Foundation. Shirley-Pat has an undergraduate degree in history and classical languages and literature and masters of education in leadership studies. She is currently doing a doctorate at the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Canadian Studies exploring the role of civil society organizations in indigenous social citizenship in Canada.

 Report of the

District Nominating Committee

On October 4, 2017 Marc Glass of the East Hartford, CT Rotary Club was selected by the Nominating Committee as Governor Nominee Designee for the position of District Governor for Rotary Year 2020-2021.

There were no challenges from any club during the period designated by the District Governor. Marc’s name will be placed in nomination at the Annual District Business Meeting which will occur at the District Assembly or the District Conference. This notice was sent to District 7890 Club Presidents and is being published pursuant to the provisions of District 7890 By-Laws by me as District Governor.


—District Governor, David Mangs

 Youth News

Short Term Exchange Welcomes Alex Ewing

From Northampton Back to the United States

Alex Ewing had the time of his life spending four weeks in Germany through the efforts of the Northampton Rotary Club and especially Caroline Gear, the Club’s Youth Exchange Officer.

What is so unique about this program you may ask. First, it is a family to family exchange over the summer so no students miss any school time.  Second, it only takes a signature on the outbound student’s application and that is the extent of your club’s responsibility to your outbound student. There are No Host Families, Monthly Stipends to be paid by your club, paperwork that Rotarians abhor, or establishing a cadre of Rotarians to monitor an inbound Summer Exchange Student.

All the work is borne by the District staff and ESSEX—the umbrella organization that interacts with the U.S. State Department and our foreign Rotary exchange partners in 30 countries.

How much did this once in a lifetime experience cost Alex—$299 in fees for the application, ESSEX ‘s responsibility to match Alex with a suitable German partner, and an excellent insurance policy which not only covers health but also emergency medical situations. The only other expense is pocket-money while abroad and of course a roundtrip ticket to Germany.  

DG Mangs would like to see every Rotary Club in District 7890 sponsor at least one student this year and cover their $299 fee. Imagine having 65 students from District 7890 boarding planes next July and representing all of us in countries around the world. Imagine the impact it would have on the student, their family, and your Rotary Club.  

Alex & Luca in Hamburg, Germany.

Alex Ewing said it best in a letter of thanks to the District Youth Exchange Committee—“My trip to Germany was fantastic. I am so happy I made the decision to get involved in this program as I have so many good memories from my trip that I will remember and cherish for as long as I live”

Every District 7890 Rotary Club should make it a priority to send their own Alex or Alexa on the Short Term Exchange program during the summer of 2018. To find out how – contact Rich Friedman at 612 202 1995 or email richefriedman@yahoo.com. Or check out exchangestudent.org.

News Update on Rotary Students Abroad

Greetings from Riobamba, Ecuador by Avery Daniell

Speaking about her early experiences in school, she writes, “It’s been shockingly easy to make friends, people are genuinely curious and excited to talk to me. Riobamba is a big enough city to support seven or eight major high schools, of which mine is one of the smaller ones”. She continues, “physically the school is very pretty, everything is painted these bright cheery colors and it overlooks beautiful mountains so on a clear day you can see the snow tipped caps.” Lastly, she had a comment about Rotary in Ecuador, “after visiting a massive mountain called Chimborazo, her host Uncle and Aunt drove to a small village for a Rotary meeting and she and her friends were left in a café because kids were not invited. Thankfully, she has spoken at her host club and they were very welcoming. More from Riobamba, next month.

Greetings from Cucuta, Colombia by Evan Saito

“Much of September was spent getting myself oriented to my community and getting into the swing of things as far as school and my host family. One of the wonderful things about being here in Cucuta is the strong network of Rotary kids from around the world. Since most kids my age speak English well, I have to continue to push myself to speak Spanish even if it means making mistakes. I have been working on ways to try to reach out to Colombian kids and not use the Rotary group as a safety blanket.”  Thanks – Evan.

Greetings from outside of Lyon, France by Talia Godfrey

She writes, “So far this first month has been a mix of so many different colorful moments: hilarious, blown away, sad, so happy – so many!  Each new person and every new place I go has added onto the pile.  As for my host family, there is a lot. With four other kids, dinner is a total blur. The youngest girl has really opened up to me, which means we can go to the playground and she can talk for twenty minutes and I can nod for twenty minutes and say “oui, oui” and we both enjoy it. Last Sunday I made pancakes, and I had a good time switching roles and having to explain to them how to eat them. While they struggled to eat them, I now know how much fun they must be having seeing me try new foods”. “I feel so thankful everyday to be here.” Thanks Talia for your insights from Lyon.

Greetings from Alasso, Italy by Kiara Monahan

Kiara said, “I don’t think I had culture shock but there are some striking differences that I have noticed. Gender roles exist. Rotary is all men. There are no activities at school but a few sports are available outside of school. The toilets at school are on the floor and people say hello, thank you, and goodbye to everyone, even strangers or cashiers. Boys talk constantly about soccer and advise each other on what bets to make.”

Your exchange students are learning a lot in a hurry. Not one of them could have predicted what their exchange year would be. It is crazy with highs and lows. Challenging everyday to cope with new situations and learning their language a little better so that they can make friends and understand more in the classroom. If you know someone that wants to test their skills, smarts, and intuition in a foreign country – Recommend Rotary Youth Exchange!

New Interact District 7890 Board Formed

Lisa Hatton

On Saturday, October 14th Interactors and Advisors from around District 7890 met at Wethersfield High School to create the first ever District Board. This meeting was organized by Danielle Taglucop (Berlin), Dan Baribault (Watertown), and Kiley Griffin (New Britain). These three students met at the Rotary World Affairs Seminar in June and decided to form this board to strengthen communication between Interact Clubs in the District. Their goal is to meet regularly to plan interschool activities, provide club training, and to increase the impact Interact can have.

At this meeting, the board structure, duties, and future meeting dates were discussed. The annual district conference was a big agenda idea that was given much attention. After Danielle and Dan attended District 7980’s Interact Conference in September, they brought new ideas back to share with District 7890. They want the conference to include more student led and centered activities to provide leadership training and collaboration. They also want to change the venue to a more convenient location to have better attendance. Potential speakers were also suggested to motivate students for the day.

A District Project is also a goal of the board. Many different themes were suggested such as: natural disasters, health, clean water, bullying, and education. At the end, the members present decided on world hunger being their focus. Interactors shared ideas to have a food packing event or food collection drive to bring awareness to world hunger. Individual schools can complete their own individual project to impact this initiative, but they also want to have a District Project that encompasses this theme.

At the end of the night, everyone present was excited to go back and share what was discussed with their school clubs. We look forward to the next meeting and hope more schools participate. In attendance was: Wethersfield, New Britain, Watertown, Farmington, Glastonbury, Berlin, CTIBA (East Hartford).

Around The District

East Windsor Club visited by District Governor

District Governor David Mangs visited the East Windsor Rotary Club on Thursday September 28 2017 for his annual visit. He spoke on many Rotary Items regarding menmbership, youth projects and other activities, He awarded member Dan Tarbel a District Governors Citation for his service to the club and President Al Gagg this years distirict banner. with our motto Making a Difference.

Left Dan Tarbell Right District Governor David Mangs

Left to Right Assistant District Governor Pam Lupoli, President Al Gagg, District Governor David Mangs


The NEWINGTON Rotary Club’s 6th Annual Lemonade Golf Tournament benefitting the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) was a resounding success. A full capacity of 144 golfers showed up for the day-event which concluded with a celebratory dinner and raffle.

Net proceeds from the event were presented to representatives of ALSF on October 12 where Rotary hosted a recognition dinner thanking sponsors and volunteers who helped to make the project a success. The Foundation, whose mission is to raise money and add awareness of childhood cancer causes, primarily for research into new treatments and cures and to encourage and empower others, especially children, to get involved and make a difference for children with cancer was chosen by NEWINGTON Rotarians to be the major focus of their fundraising projects several years ago after leaning the fate of Alexandra (Alex) Scott, a Connecticut youngster afflicted with the disease.


The Basketball Hall of Fame and SPRINGFIELD Rotary Club have announced their honorees for the eighth annual Basket Hall of Fame/SPRINGFIELD Rotary “Service Above Self” Luncheon. The event will be held at the Hall of Fame’s Center Court on Friday, November 17trh at noon. This year’s distinguished honorees are Jack and Collette Dill and Nancy Lieberman. Since 2010, the annual luncheon and awards have highlighted some of the remarkable individuals within the Western Massachusetts community and the larger basketball family who have truly lived out the motto of Rotary International, “Service Above Self.”


Governor David Mangs presents a Governor's Citation to Dale Baker for his 34 years of Rotary Service with the SUFFIELD Rotary Club.  Also pictured on left is Dick Kiesel, Club President.


District Member News

Happy Anniversary To

57 Years

South Windsor

Chartered October 14, 1960

Welcome New Members!


Agawam -- Gina Letellier

Avon-Canton -- Kevin Case

Farmington -- Jason Jasrzebski, Solidea Pitruzzello, Elizabeth Sheridan

Kensington-Berlin -- Cynthia Arthur

Ludlow -- Peter Leonczyk

Manchester -- Lucy Hurston

Monson -- Mary Watson

Salisbury -- Janet Manko

Southington -- Joseph Mauriello

Southwick -- Fred Arnold

Suffield -- Roger Pratt

Washington -- Jonathan Miller

West Hartford -- Kurt Roggendorf

Westfield -- Alice Barber, Eric Ouelette

Willimantic -- Rebekah Avery, Ernest Eldridge, Neida Rosado, Julie Sweeney, Stefan Szafarek

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